Living Legacy Oracle Cards

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Have You Ever Wished…

Have you ever wished you could have a few minutes of conversation with a loved one that you’ve lost? Just a little guidance or advice for that question, or just some Words of Wisdom?

Have you ever wished you could always be there for your loved ones? Just to offer a little guidance or advice for their questions, or just offer some Words of Wisdom?

I Get You, I’ve Been There Myself…

I lost my paternal grandmother when I was a young child. So often, as an adult, I wish I could have a conversation with her. Just to ask a few questions and get her guidance and advice.

She was such a gentle woman, I would love to get some Words of Wisdom from her.

I’d love to share Words of Wisdom that they could remember and carry with them, wherever they may go…Always and Forever.

So I Created…

Living Legacy Oracle Cards

A fully-customized Oracle Deck for you to share your guidance, advice and Words of Wisdom to share with your family.

  • Custom Box: With your To & From Info

  • Custom Postage Stamp Image on the Box

  • 72 Cards: Containing;

  • 1 Letter Card: Written by You

  • 1 Photo Card: Photo Submitted by You

  • 70 Cards: Prewritten or Custom Messages

  • Your Handwritten Salutation & Closings

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