Vendor Program


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our Vendor Program!

Our Vendors are very important to us! We do our best to treat you with the fairness and respect you deserve. We simply ask the same consideration of you. We have written the following vendor agreement with you in mind, as well as to protect our company’s good name. So please bear with us as we take you through this legal formality.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We are strong believers in straight-forward and honest communication. For quickest results please email us here: CONTACT US

Benefits of becoming a Vendor


  • Registration includes your own individual shop to add all of your products & services!
  • Registration includes listing on our website (Note: Our mobile app is currently under development and will be an exciting future avenue for showcasing your products and services!)
  • Registration is:
    • Quick!
    • Simple!
    • No hassles!
    • No quotas!
    • No monthly fees!

Top of the line Vendor Software with the following features:

  • List your contact information on your shop page!
  • Have customers contact you directly through your contact form on your shop page!
  • Create your own coupons!
  • List as few or as many products and/or services as you like!
  • Add, remove, or edit your products whenever needed!
  • Setup your own live chat for customers
  • Full shipping functions including:
    • Live shipping rates
    • Generate & print shipping labels
    • Shipment tracking
  • Contact our Admin with live chat with any questions & for support!

Live Virtual Events: (Note: Our live virtual events are being reimagined to offer you even more value and will be available in the future. Stay tuned for updates!)

We have added a new benefit for all of you being a critical part of our community.  You now have the ability to have your own website & blog within the Mystic Life Market Community!

  • Customized website landing/link page
    • Free setup
    • Your biography & photo
    • Your affiliate link to Mystic Life Market
    • Your links to:
      • All your social media sites
      • Your other websites
      • Your products/services
    • Your own blog
      • Create your own personalized blog posts about yourself, your business, your products and your affiliate products like Mystic LifeMarket: Mystical Multi-Vendor Marketplace
    • Free training
      • Access to free training in our private Facebook community group
      • Free training is also available in our private training portal

Check out an example of what your FREE website & blog could look like –

  • One time Vendor setup fee
    • One Time Vendor Setup Fee is regularly $97 – on SALE now for $47! 
    • Opportunity to register for our Affiliate program and refer friends & other Vendors to join us as a Vendor & receive 50% commission on the Vendor setup fee.
  • Vendor fees are 20% commission per item/sale
    • Our Vendor fee is setup at 20% so that we may utilize the power of the masses for marketing, utilizing an Affiliate Program. When an Affiliate promotes our market or your product/service directly, the Affiliate will receive 10% of the 20% commission fee and Mystic Life Market will receive the remaining 10%.

**Register for our Affiliate Program & promote other products & services & earn 10%! Promote your own products & earn 10% (You would be earning 10% of the 20% commission fee back)


Mystic Life™ Market: Mystical Marketplace, is a sister site of Mystic Life™  Style: Mystical Apparel & Accessories but they are two separate entities. This mainly affects the AFFILIATE PROGRAM, as each site has it’s own & separate Affiliate Program. They are very similar & you are welcome to join both. If you plan to share affiliate Links for  Mystic Life™  Style: Mystical Apparel & Accessories, including links on Mystic Life™ Market: Mystical Marketplace, you will need to register for a separate affiliate account with Mystic Life™  Style: Mystical Apparel & Accessories. You can find all of the information & Links in the menu to your left.

** Tax Notes **

INCOME TAX: US Vendors – As a Vendor and/or Affiliate, you will be an independent contractor & receive a 1099 from us at the end of the year, if your earnings are over $600.

SALES TAX: As a Vendor, you are responsible for understanding the regulations for Sales tax. Sales tax will NOT be added separate on our vendor site, you can include it in your product cost, if you are setup to collect & pay taxes. Please consult a tax attorney for accurate details for your business.

Agreement Overview

This Vendor Agreement (“Agreement”) is a legal contract between you (“Vendor”) and Mystic Life™ Market (“Company”), with our primary website located at It outlines the mutual responsibilities in our vendor relationship. We recommend reading this document thoroughly and seeking legal advice if necessary.

1. Definitions

  • Company: Referred to as Mystic Life™ Market, including all employees and legal agents.
  • Vendor: That’s you, engaged in this Agreement.
  • Parties: Collectively, the Company and the Vendor.
  • Vendor Program: Our structured program for vendors.
  • Vendor Application: The form required for joining the Vendor Program.
  • Website:

2. Agreement Acceptance

By applying to the Vendor Program, you confirm your understanding and agreement to this document. Non-agreement requires immediate discontinuation of website use and program application.

3. Age Requirement

Participants must be at least 18 years old. By applying, you confirm you meet this age criterion.

4. Program Enrollment

Vendor Program entry begins with a one-time setup fee and a completed Vendor Application. Acceptance is not guaranteed and is at our discretion. Rejection will be communicated where possible, and reapplication is permitted under changed circumstances.

5. Non-Exclusivity

This Agreement allows for non-exclusive engagement between both parties. You may participate in other similar programs, and we may engage with other vendors.

6. Vendor Program Outline

Upon acceptance, you’ll receive access to a Vendor Dashboard for managing your Shop and listings. Program specifics are subject to the terms outlined in this Agreement.

7. Sales and Payout Terms

Payout eligibility is at our sole discretion, based on compliance with Agreement terms. Order processing and fulfillment are your responsibilities. Payouts require current personal and tax information and are primarily conducted via PayPal. Payouts accrue monthly and are subject to a 30-day processing period. Disputes must be raised within thirty days of payout receipt.

8. Reporting

Your account offers access to relevant sales, purchase, and payout reports. Note that initial data may be subject to later adjustments.

9. Term and Termination

This Agreement commences upon your acceptance and can be terminated by either party. Termination rights, including forfeiture of unpaid payouts, are detailed within.

10. Intellectual Property Use

A revocable license is granted for using Company IP in alignment with the Vendor Program. Unauthorized use or infringement leads to potential termination and legal consequences.

11. Agreement Modifications

We may modify this Agreement, with immediate effect upon posting. Regular review of this document is recommended.

12. Independent Contractor Status

Your role is defined as an independent contractor, not forming any employment relationship with the Company.

13. Acceptable Use and Compliance

Your Vendor activities must comply with legal standards and not harm our business. Spam and illegal practices are strictly prohibited.

14. Vendor Obligations and Compliance

Maintain your Vendor Site in compliance with legal standards, including FTC guidelines. Non-compliance may result in program termination.

15. Prohibited Activities

Engaging in reverse engineering or security violations is strictly forbidden.

16. Data Security

The Company is not responsible for your account or content security.

17. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify the Company against legal claims related to your program participation or Agreement breach.

18. Entire Agreement

This document represents the full agreement regarding the Vendor Program.

19. Service Interruptions

Access to the program may be interrupted for maintenance or emergencies without liability to the Company.

20. No Warranties and Liability Limit

The program is provided “As Is” with no warranties. The Company’s liability is limited to $100.

21. General Provisions

Includes governing language, jurisdiction, arbitration procedures, assignment restrictions, and other standard legal provisions.

For any inquiries, contact